Physical Education and Recreation Alumni Association

How it all began

Our Faculty didn't always have an alumni association. It's relatively new on the scene and we're proud of the considerable efforts of the founding alumni, who, in 2005, stewarded the idea of a Physical Education and Recreation Alumni Association to fruition. In 2006, PERAA, as it's more commonly known, took off, started gathering members and hasn't looked back.

Today, with interest and membership growing in leaps and bounds, PERAA is flying high! Most important of all, if you graduated from this faculty, you're a member of PERAA, and we welcome all alumni to join in, come to the events we organise, visit your alma mater, cheer on the Golden Bears and Pandas teams, be active for life in the Faculty's Campus Recreation classes.

Friends, connections, networks, sharing - there's every reason to stay connected and be a part of this great Faculty!

Our goals

  • To create increased opportunities for alumni to connect with each other
  • To foster and build strong relationships and connections among alumni, student, faculty and staff - both current and past
  • Communicate effectively with alumni about advances in health and activity-based research, and athletic accomplishments
  • Encourage alumni to become involved and pride in the Faculty by supporting its values and reputation

PERAA's bylaws (PDF)

Founding PERAA Council Members

Barry Anderson BA Rec. Admin'74,  MA '95
Wendy Andrews BPE '71
Pat Bates BEd '73 MA '83 (Education)
Catherine Broomfield  BPE '93
Betty Chau  BARST '01
Gerry Glassford  MA'64
Susan Green  BA Rec. Admin.'74
Barb Hill  BA Rec. Admin.'76
Doug Irwin  BPE '73
Mike Mahon  MSc '83
Dru Marshall MSc '82,  PhD'89
Chuck Moser BPE '64,  MA '72
Alfred Nikolai  BPE '73
Darwin Park  BPE '67
Penny Stewart BPE '74, MA '78
Wanda Wetterberg  BA Rec. Admin '74